Islam : The Religion GHIBTA! [[ Heedlessness! ]] [ DEATH : Part 4 ]


*~*~*~*~* بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ *~*~*~*~*

In the name of ALLAAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful

شروع الله کے نام سے جو بڑا مہربان نہایت رحم والا ہے

As Salaam O ‘Alaykum Wa Rehmatullaahi Wa Barakatuh! Sibling in Islam,

Hope this mail finds you in the best of health and emaan, Insha-ALLAAH!

Take a situation:

Teacher to students: all will have a surprise exam on the whatever you have learnt so far AND it is worth 100% of your final result. It can be on any date in the next school year.

What would you do?!

Prepare every day. Revise whatever you have learnt. Wanting to ace this one test to get 100% in the whole subject!

Similar is the reality of death and what comes after it. Every one of us shall taste it whether poor or rich; healthy or sick, old or young; leader or led and none of us can escape it.

ALLAAH says (interpretation of the meaning):

Everyone shall taste death.

And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full.

And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful.

The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).

[Surah Al-E-Imran: Ayaat 185 (Ch.3: Verse 185, Qur’an)]

AllAH says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Whatsoever is on it (the earth) will perish.

And the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honour will remain forever

Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?”

[al-Rahmaan 55:26-28]

ALLAAH says,

“Wheresoever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in a fortress built up strong and high.”

(An-Nisaa 4: 78)

Prophet Muhammad (salla ALLAAHu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

“If you reach the evening then do not expect to reach the morning, and if you reach the morning then do not expect to reach the evening. Take from your health before your sickness, and from your life before your death.”

– [Reported by Bukhari]

You see a youth who was full of health and energy suddenly falls dead without warning; thereby making that youthfulness and energy fade away, bringing all his senses to a complete standstill. That youth might even be a great scholar, an eloquent author, a skilled physician or brilliant inventor but his quality cannot at all prevent death from overtaking him when his time is due.

How near is death?!

Every day it becomes closer to us and no sooner has the book reached its appointed time that we belong among the dead. Then it becomes clear that life is really like flowers that bloom then afterwards wither or like a lamp that illuminates then afterwards dies down.

Let those who crave for this world and its pleasures ponder over these scattered graves all over the place and realize that the way to pleasures and lustful things, though decorated with beautiful roses inevitably leads to the present condition of those buried in these graves.

Dear siblings! What we witness in the cemeteries is a great lesson for us which is that:

We all will die! Let us prepare for the hereafter!

Sad, that we don’t learn it! It is due to the disease of our hearts!

GHIBTA! [[ Heedlessness! ]]

Where are those who achieved their aims and none were comparable to them in that? They collected but could not eat what they collected; they built mansions but could not live there! We on our part are still swimming in the pool of life as if we are meant to live here forever.

Fellow Muslims! It is a fact that this worlsd and its tribulations appear insignificant in the eyes of him who always remembers death, for, he has lofty aims and strong resolutions; he is far from hypocrisy and always yearns for the everlasting bliss in the eternal Paradise.

Oh ALLAAH azza wa jal Open our minds to the reality!

Aameen Ya Rabbal ‘Aalameen!

w ALLAAHu Subhanu wa ta’ala ‘Aalam!

Take Care,

As Salaam O ‘Alaykum Wa Rehmatullaahi Wa Barakatuh!

ALLAAH Humma inni as alukal huda wat tuqa wal ‘afaafa wal ghina

[[ Oh ALLAAH! I beseech You for Guidance, Taqwa, Chastity and Contentment. ]]

– Du’aa taught by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)


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