the Strong Ones

As Salamu alaykum to all. The “strong one”, Prophet Muhammad {peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him} is not the one who could beat the other up [wrestling]. The “strong one” is he who controls himself from getting angry. You wanna talk about being strong and lift “weights”? well let me tell you what weight is, what “heavy” is. it’s the covers. you know, your blanket! lifting that up so you can get up before dawn and make wudu [ritual washing before prayer, etc] and make your prayers, That’s heavy! That’s a weight!

what most of you know as ‘jihad’ is not “holy war”. there is no arabic term for holy war. wars arent holy. Jihad literally means to struggle. there are two types of jihad. the lesser jihad is the struggle on the battlefield. the so-called “holy war”. the greater jihad, believe it or not is the struggle within ourselves. the constant fight within us between good and evil. doing whats right and shunning whats wrong. the struggle like wresting with those covers and getting up and reading your salat.

well that’s all for now. I hope you’ve gained something from my blog today.



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